Resolutions & Position Papers

2020 G4/19 amicus curiae brief

2019 G3/19 amicus curiae brief

2019 G1/19 amicus curiae letter

2019 EPO Strategic Plan 2023 - Public Consultation

2018 Letter to HCCH with Regard to Board Resolution 02.2017

2018 FEMIPI Draft-Revision Rules Of Procedure BoA

2017 FEMIPI Statutes

2017 Board Resolution 01 - Art. 83 UPCA

2017 Board Resolution 02 - Hague Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments

2008 FEMIPI POSITION PAPER "On the EU Patent Jurisdiction"

2008 FEMIPI POSITION PAPER "On the Community Patent"

2007 FEMIPI POSITION PAPER "On priority documents"

2006 FEMIPI RESOLUTION "On the grace period in Europe"

2006 FEMIPI POSITION PAPER "On the patent system in Europe"; answers to the EU questionnaire

2003 FEMIPI RESOLUTION "On the Community Patent"

2002 FEMIPI RESOLUTION "On the litigation system"

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